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Pod Air Filter, 389 monobloc carbs, SPIN-ON, Billet base, washable element

NEW – Motao Exclusive
Spin-On Air Filters exclusively threaded for 389 monobloc carburetors. 

Developed to eliminate the ugly clamp over threads, Our 81AS series Spin-on filters are threaded for a perfect fit reducing space between filter and carb. Each Air Filter features a Billet alloy base ring. Steel end and base caps chrome plated. Washable element Stainless steel screen mesh

81AS3 – Threaded for 389 monobloc carbs (44 mm) 

BSA 350cc 1962-63; B40 (USA)
BSA 500cc 1955-63; B34
BSA 500cc 1959-60; Gold Star Scrambler
BSA 650cc 1959-60; Road Rocket Twin
BSA 650cc 1960-63; A10 Super Road Rocket
BSA 650cc 1962-63; A10 Gold Star
BSA 650cc 1962-63; A65 (USA)
BSA 650cc 1964-65; A65 Rocket Gold Star
Greeves 200cc 1963-65; Scrambler 20 MDS
Greeves 246cc 1963-65; Motocross 24 MDS, Trials
Norton 647cc 1962-63; Dominator
Royal Enfield 250cc 1965-66; GT Model
Royal Enfield 500cc 1959-62
Royal Enfield 700cc 1957-61
Royal Enfield 700cc 1959-62; Constellation
Royal Enfield 750cc 1963-66; Interceptor
Triumph 650cc 1964-66; Police Model TR6
Triumph 650cc 1964-66; T120R (USA)
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